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2 gedachten over “Eyecatchers

  1. Juliane Hiltebrand

    Hello, sorry – I do not speak dutch. I found your address in the magasin “loving Brocante”. You have a interesting eyecatcher. It is in the magasin page 112, the picture down left. A portrait of a woman (white). You have it also on this page – it is the foto left from the mirror-frame.
    What exactly is it ? And what would be the price ?
    Thank you for your answer.
    Best regards,
    Juliane Hiltebrand

    1. myra5179 Bericht auteur

      Dear Juliane, I’m very sorry for not answering your message I just received it today because of a fealure on my website.
      The portrait you asked for is sold already, I’m planing on making some new ones the coming months.
      As soon as I have new portrets I will put them on my site or send you a message.
      Thank you for your interest.
      Kind regards,
      Myra Khargi


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